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Balanced Photodiode Receiver

High Speed | Low Noise | Excellent Signal Response


The Balanced Photodiode Receiver is a fast optical detector. It includes two fast photodiodes with a difference amplifier. It is designed for comparing power differences between two correlated optical signals. The result is an effective elimination of almost all noise from a spectroscopic analysis.
Balanced Photodiode Receiver
Spectroscopic methods are sensitive to flucuations of the output power of the laser system. A very powerful tool to overcome power flucuations and noise contributions of the driving laser system is to use a balanced receiver. A concept for overcoming the described power fluctuations is to compare instantaneously the original power of the driving laser system with the laser power after passing the absorption line. This is realized by a balanced receiver. Balanced receivers consist in principle of two photo diodes and an internal differential amplifier which compares the signal of both photodiodes. A typical setup for locking the wavelenght / frequency of diodelaser is shown in the above figure.

Differential Amplification
  • 5,5..107 (adjustable)
Signal Conversion
  • 1V/mA
  • 10V/mA
  • 100V/mA
  • 650kHz @ 1V/mA
  • 65kHz @ 10V/mA    
  • 6,5kHz @ 100V/mA
Output Voltage     
  • 0..6,5V (Conversion dependend)
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