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High Frequency Servo Controller (Lockbox)

Servo Controller for Easy and Intuitive Side of Fringe Lock


Sacher Lasertechnik offers a FPGA controlled proportional integral (PI) highspeed servo controller for external cavity diode laser systems as well as DFB diode lasers. Model LB2001 allows to stabilize the laser frequency via piezo- and laser current feedback path.
High Frequency Servo Controller (Lockbox)


Supported Diode Laser Systems
  • Littrow Cavity
  • Littman / Metcalf Cavity
  • Supports Laser Systems from Various Manufacturers
Servo Bandwidth
  • Adjustable up to 10MHz
Regulation Feedback Path
  • Laser Diode Injection Current
  • Piezo Voltage
Advanced System Design
  • Low Noise Analog Servo Controller Board
  • D/A Converters with Sleep Mode
  • FPGA Controlled Interface Board
Special Features
  • Low Frequency Gain Limit
  • Integration Hold Mode
  • Auto-Relock Feature
  • Stand Alone Unit (No Expensive External Chassis)
  • Cooperates with Laser Controllers from Various Manufacturers
Remote Control
  • USB Interface
  • Software Package (Under Preparation)
Types of Application
  • Diode Laser Control
  • Side of Fringe Lock
  • Linewidth Narrowing
  • Pound Drever Hall Lock (in Combination with LB2005)
  • Bjorklund Lock (in Combination with LB2005)
  • Sidelock of Lasers (in Combination with LB2005)
Fields of Application
  • Optical Cooling and Trapping
  • Bose-Einstein Condensation
  • Quantum Optics
  • Frequency Metrology
Description LB2001
PI Corner Frequency (High Frequency Path) 1Hz to 1MHz (adjustable)
PI Corner Frequency (Low Frequency Path) 1Hz to 100kHz (adjustable)
Amplification -40dB to +40dB (adjustable)
Input Impedance 50Ohm
Output Impedance (High Frequency Path) 50Ohm
Output Impedance (Low Frequency Path) 1MOhm
Internal Processor FPGA (300MHz)
Internal Bandwidth 10MHz
Remote Control USB


  • LB2001 & LB2005High Frequency Servo Controller, RF Modulator Demodulator, supporting Pound Drever Hall types of lock

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