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Karrierestart für Studenten

Karrierestart für Studenten
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Micron Laser

Ultra Stable X-Cavity Laser


Ultra Stable, Micro Tunable External Cavity Laser, 638nm ... 1770nm, up to 300mW, narrow linewidth, no moving parts, mode-hop free tuning, free space collimated laser beam.
Micron Laser


  • from 638nm to 1770nm

Monolithtic Cavity Design

  • No moving parts
  • Microscopic size
  • astigmatizm free beam
  • TO39 package or Butterfly Package

High optical power

  • output power up to 200mW
  • excellent quantum efficiency
  • high fiber coupling efficiency

Excellent tuning behavior

  • use of in-house anti-reflection coated laser diodes 
  • high speed wavelength tuning >10kHz

Narrow linewidth

  • linewidth < 100kHz @ 1ms
  • excellent side mode suppression > 40dB

Excellent frequency locking performance

  • improved temperature stability
    sealed package
  • no acoustic susceptibility
  • excellent long term locking stability

 High flexibility

  • free beam and fiber coupled versions available
  • constant current and constant power operation modes (optional)
  • excellent laser performance and frequency stability
Plug & Play configuration
  • automated wavelength tuning with power read-out
  • remote control via GPIB, RS232 and USB
  • Spectroscopy and optical process control
  • Optical cooling and trapping
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Seed laser for THz generation
  • Laser and OPO seeding
  • Non-linear optical processes
Optional Accessories
  • Optical Isolator
  • Single Mode PM Optical Fiber
  • High-Frequency Current Modulation
  • Contact us for more Options
Innovative Product
  • US Patent 6,297,066
  • US Patent 6,869,483
Please contact us for detailed product literature
 More DetailsWavelength Power Tuning Package   
 S1-0638-030X638nm 30mW >0.2nm TO39     
 S1-0760-040X760nm 40mW >0.2nm TO39     
 S1-0770-100X770nm 100mW >0.2nm TO39     
 S1-0780-100X780nm 100mW >0.2nm TO39     
 S1-0785-100X785nm 100mW >0.2nm TO39     
 S1-0785-500X785nm 500mW >0.2nm BFY     
 S1-0795-100X795nm 100mW >0.2nm TO39     
 S1-0830-040X830nm 40mW >0.2nm TO39     
 S1-0852-100X852nm 100mW >0.2nm TO39     
 S1-0895-100X895nm 100mW >0.2nm TO39     
 S1-1064-100X1064nm 100mW >0.2nm TO39     

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