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Nanosecond Pulsed Laser Series - Cat

High Power | Time Resolved Fluorescense Spectroscopy


The TEC-045 CAT laser is a nanosecond pulsed diode laser system. Pulse width and repetition frequency are adjustable via remote control. It provides optical pulses for applications as time resolved fluorescense spectroscopy.
Nanosecond Pulsed Laser Series - Cat

The TEC-045 diode laser system is designed for pulsed operation of high power diode lasers. Pulse width can be changed from 5ns up to 100ns. Repetition rates can be varied from 16kHz up to 67MHz. The operation parameters can be preset via a RS232 connector from any laptop computer. Target application is time resolved fluorescence spectroscopy. Please contact us for NIR diode laser matching fluorescence dyes which have been developed for specially for us.  

We have designed our TEC-045 pulsed diode laser system for simple handling and for easy operation by non-scientists. The internal microcontroller which operates the laser pulser can be accessed from any laptop computer for setting the operation paramters. The electrical pulsewidth which operated the diode laser can be changed digitally in steps of 5ns. The repetition rate can be preset in steps of 1MHz. The robust and compact design enables the Cat Series laser for a wide field of applications.

Benefit of NIR Diodes in Fluorescence Spectroscopy:
Fluorescence spectroscopy is a well developed detection method in the field of biomedical science. Laser fluorescence dyes have developed since the availability of Ar-Ion and frequency doubled Nd:YAG lasers in the 70s. Typical excitation wavelength of laser fluorescence dyes are in the green, blue and near UV regime. Ar-Ion and Nd:YAG laser systems are bulky and expencive in comparison with diode lasers. Diode lasers cover the red, NIR and recently the near UV spectral range. Our goal is to provide a matching pair of NIR diode lasers together with a NIR sensitve fluorescence dyes.

NIR Fluorescence Dyes:
Sacher Lasertechnik Group and Squarix GmbH have a close cooperation for deloping matching fluorescence dyes for application in biomedical science. NIR fluorescence dyes can be easily detected by standard camera systems since they are operated by silicon detectors.

Application Example - Fluorecence spectroscopy of mouse cells:
Sacher Lasertechnik offers cell preparation and sample testing via fluorecence spectroscopy. Please check our test data for Vimetin Staining of mouse cells.

Peak Output Power up to 300mW / 30nJ
Wavelength Range 630nm .. 1650nm
  375nm .. 470nm, under preparation
Beam Divergence < 5mrad
Pulse Length < 5ns .. 75ns, quasi CW available
Repetition Rate 16kHz .. 67MHz
Computer Control RS 232
Power Supply 9 VDC
Dimensions Length: 76mm, Diameter: 38mm