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Dr. Joachim Sacher

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Sacher Lasertechnik celebrates 20th anniversary

A view on exciting and moving years of a small but smart company in laser technology

On November 9th, 2012 Sacher Lasertechnik GmbH in Marburg will celebrate their 20th company anniversary – 20 years of innovation, the spirit of optimism and many a challenge that resulted in a portfolio of mature, intelligent products.

When Dr. Joachim R. Sacher looks back at the start he admits with a wink that starting-up was quite shaky, despite the dedicated and continued support of Professors Dr. Elsaesser and Dr. Goebel. Sacher Lasertechnik was the first spin-out of their department at Marburg University. During his PhD thesis, Dr. Sacher had developed an antireflection coating technology which became the basis of the company. The dissertation was presented at a conference of the German Physical Society (DPG) and the interest of leading companies in telecommunications was piqued. Co-operations were entered and telecommunications emerged as the main market for the antireflection technology.

Thanks to a sensibly elaborated company and product strategy, Sacher Lasertechnik and their established US-subsidiary were able to cushion the crash of the telecommunications industry.

An enthusiastic R&D team and general up-beat spirit, continuous development and consistent re-invest of earnings facilitated the launch of the first series of tunable diode lasers in the year 2000. The following award at CLEO (Conference of Laser and Electro Optics of the Optical Society of America) helped to attract attention and new markets could be opened. 

A time of restructuring and focus on quality management followed in order to be well prepared for the high demands of an industrial environment. Impulses from these markets proved to be the engine for continued optimization, further development and diversification of the successful diode laser series.

Dr. Sacher declared this top priority: „My personal role has changed completely compared to when we started. Today I am less the R&D person that I was back then but see myself in a much stronger strategic function. We benefit from our customer focus, get feedback, keep our eyes and ears open in the market, and sense the trends which are in the air. External input for our further development parallels with the continued know-how based development internally but more than ever we are inspired by our customer’s wish-lists. Maybe we can be the key to make their wishes come true and help them gain a lead in their respective application. It’s the interaction of people, the interaction of impulses – ideally we go hand in hand.” 

With a sound product portfolio, many ideas and projects in the pipeline, interdisciplinary co-operations on the way and new markets on the horizon, Sacher Lasertechnik Group is now, after 20 years of experience, better geared-up for the future than ever.