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Next Generation Tunable Diode Laser

Ultra-Stable Monolithic Tunable Littrow Diode Laser Without Compromises

LB 2005 - Pound Drever Hall Regulator (Modulator/Demodulator)

Sacher Lasertechnik offers a high frequency Modulator/Demodulator unit as accessory for their Servo Controller LB2001 for generating a Pound Drever Hall type of lock. Model LB2005 in combination with Model LB2001 enable an easy, intuitive and highly stable Top of Line lock.

LB 2001 - High Frequency Servo Controller (Lockbox)

Sacher Lasertechnik offers a FPGA controlled proportional integral (PI) highspeed servo controller for external cavity diode laser systems as well as DFB diode lasers. Model LB2001 allows to stabilize the laser frequency via piezo- and laser current feedback path.

MOPA System 2500mW @ 780nm

High Power, narrow Linewidth Master Oscillator Power Amplifier System for Optical Cooling and Trapping

Complete Spectroscopy Solution

Tunable MOPA System (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) with atomic reference and frequency lock (piezo- & laser current feedback)

Resonant frequency doubling for laser diodes (SHG)

Resonant cavity frequency doubler (SHG) for the established series of tunable diode laser systems in Littrow and Littman/Metcalf configuration.