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Sacher Lasertechnik Group Launches New Web Site

The company releases a new website on including new features and services which have never been seen before in this branch of industry.

Marburg, Germany / Buena Park, CA – Just in time to the Photonics West Conference in San
Francisco the Sacher Lasertechnik Group releases its completely redesigned corporate website on
January, 23.

Sacher Lasertechnik aims to extend the reach of product information and research programs by
offering product- and science-related content to customers and scientists. With 150 pages and more
than 100 products in various configurations the user-friendly Web 2.0 site offers extraordinary
service. The new online presence furthermore features an interactive online store, a new support
area with vast online resources and streaming media including video clips related to products and
applications. The new categorization of products into Scientific Lasers, Industrial Lasers, Electronic
Systems and Laser Diodes makes it much easier for customers to find what they are looking for.

"Our new website is an effort to take the company to the next level in terms of internet-technology.
The new site will be a great source of information for scientists and clients," said Dr. Joachim
Sacher, CEO and founder. "We wanted a clear and easy-to-navigate website that our customers will
find appealing and informative. The new online presence was developed to assist scientists and
engineers to find the suited product for their requirements and to support them with additional
information in the field of laser-technology."

The Sacher Lasertechnik Group is a well established company with 15 years experience in laser
technology. The founder and CEO, Dr. Joachim Sacher is one of the pioneers in the field of diode
lasers with external cavity. The company has developed from a university spin-off to a technology
leader in the field of high power tunable external cavity diode lasers.

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