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Karriere bei Sacher

Karriere bei Sacher
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Personal Contact

Dr. Joachim Sacher

t.: +49 6421 305-0
f.: +49 6421 305-299

Exhibitions & Conferences

Latest News

Photonics West 2019, Booth 4638

Meet us at Spie Photonics West Conference. 5 - 7 February 2019. The Moscone Center - San Francisco, CA

Visit us at Booth #4638. Experience the life demo of our Micron Laser with Rubidium Spectroscopy as well as the life demo of our Water Wapor absoption setup. 

Sacher Lasertechnik is leading manufacturer of high power tunable external cavity diode lasers. Intellectual property is covered by several patent families. Products include tunable external cavity diode lasers in Littman/Metcalf configuration and in Littrow configuration, low noise laser controllers, Frequency Doubled Laser Systems (SHG, FHG), and Argon Ion Lasers. Highlights are our new high bandwidth servo controller, our Pound Drever Hall regulator and our High Power Single Mode and Narrow Linewidth Tunable Diode Lasers with output power above 2500mW. 

Get known to our newest scientifc results by attenting our oral presentations:  

Feb. 2, 1.20pm-3.10pm, Session 3, Paper No. 10931-12: New wide tunable external cavity interband cascade laser
based on a micro-electro-mechanical system device, Morten Hoppe, Hanna Rohling, Sebastian Schmidtmann, Hervé Tatenguem Fankem, Tobias Milde, and Joachim Sacher

Feb. 7, 10.50am-12pm, Session 13, Paper No. 10917-59: Comparison of the spectral excitation behavior of methane
according to InP, IC and QC lasers as excitation source by sensor applications, Tobias Milde, Morten Hoppe, Hervé Tatenguem, Wolfgang Schade, and Joachim Sacher