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Karrierestart für Studenten

Karrierestart für Studenten
Starten Sie als Werksstudent bei uns Ihre Karriere.

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Dr. Joachim Sacher

t.: +49 6421 305-0
f.: +49 6421 305-299


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Complete Spectroscopy Solution

Tunable MOPA System (Master Oscillator Power Amplifier) with atomic reference and frequency lock (piezo- & laser current feedback)

The MOPA-System is available in the wavelength range of 670nm to 1080nm and offers output powers of up to 1500mW with high quality characteristics. Due to good side mode suppression (>40dB), small linewidth (<500kHz @1ms), tunability of up to 40nm, mode purity and high stability, this systems corresponds with the high demands for precise operation in spectroscopic applications. The combination of high precision laser with saturated spectroscopy is unique. State-of-the-art computer interfaces, such as GPIB, USB and RS232 allow for easy handling and read-out of data.  Reference cells are available for Li (671nm), K (766, 769nm), Rb (780nm, 796nm), Cs (852, 894nm) and many more.
By offering this MOPA-System, Sacher Lasertechnik introduces a complete spectroscopic solution for optical cooling and trapping (e.g. Bose-Einstein condensation).