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Karriere bei Sacher

Karriere bei Sacher
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Personal Contact

Dr. Joachim Sacher

t.: +49 6421 305-0
f.: +49 6421 305-299


Latest News

MOPA System 2500mW @ 780nm

High Power, narrow Linewidth Master Oscillator Power Amplifier System for Optical Cooling and Trapping

The Sacher MOPA systems are designed for optical cooling and trapping of alkaline atoms, as Li, Rb, Cs, K. Applications are for example optical clock applications. Special Features are:
*  Narrow Linewidth Littman/Metcalf Master Laser
*  classic Littrow or 852nm DFB Master Laser available upon request
*  thermal drift below 100MHz/K upon request
*  high Laser power up to 2500mW, depending on wavelength
*  up to 50GHz mode-hop free tuning
*  Excellent Beam Shape
*  Narrow Linewidth <500kHz @ 1ms
*  Remote control: RS232, GPIB, USB
Applications include optical clocks, BEC Generation ...