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Karrierestart für Studenten
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LB 2005 - Pound Drever Hall Regulator (Modulator/Demodulator)

Sacher Lasertechnik offers a high frequency Modulator/Demodulator unit as accessory for their Servo Controller LB2001 for generating a Pound Drever Hall type of lock. Model LB2005 in combination with Model LB2001 enable an easy, intuitive and highly stable Top of Line lock.

Supported Diode Laser Systems
  • Littrow Cavity
  • Littman / Metcalf Cavity
  • Laser Systems from Various Manufacturers
Modulation Frequency
  • up to 100MHz
System Bandwidth
  • Up to 100MHz
Special Features
  • Adjustable Phase Delay
  • 0 - 360 degree
  • Stand Alone Unit (No Expencive External Chassis)
  • Cooperates with Laser Controllers from Various Manufacturers
Remote Control
  • USB Interface (Under Preparation)
  • Software Package (Under Preparation)
Types of Application (in Combination with LB2001 Servo Controller)
  • Diode Laser Control
  • Top of Line Lock
  • Linewidth Narrowing
  • Pound Drever Hall Lock
  • Bjorklund Lock
  • Sidelock of Lasers
Fields of Application
  • Optical Cooling and Trapping
  • Bose-Einstein Condensation
  • Quantum Optics
  • Frequency Metrology