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Karriere bei Sacher
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Dr. Joachim Sacher

t.: +49 6421 305-0
f.: +49 6421 305-299


Latest News

Resonant frequency doubling for laser diodes (SHG)

Resonant cavity frequency doubler (SHG) for the established series of tunable diode laser systems in Littrow and Littman/Metcalf configuration.

The frequency doubler allows for experimental accessing of spectroscopically important wavelengths in the visible and UV spectral region which can otherwise not be accessed with diode lasers.
The cavity frequency doubler consists of a ring cavity in which a periodically poled doubling crystal is positioned. The ring cavity is being stabilized on the diode lasers via a Hänsch Coulliaud control. The frequency doubler can be operated with tunable laser systems offering pump powers of less than 100mW.
Dependent on the power of the tunable diode laser system, which pumps the frequency doubler optically, output powers of more than 250mW in the visible and UV spectral region can be achieved.

The frequency doubling now enables for spectroscopic investigation in the spectral region of 330nm up to 540nm.
The following parameters are being offered:
Line width:                  <1MHz
Tuning range:             > 10nm
Mode hopping free:     > 30GHz
Application:  The cavity doubled diode laser system is especially suited for optical cooling and optical traps, e.g. of Ca at 423nm.
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