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Karrierestart für Studenten

Karrierestart für Studenten
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Vapor Cells for Magneto Optical Traps

Rubidium, Cesium, Potassium ...


Magneto Optical Traps are a suitable setup for optical cooling and trapping of neutral atoms in gases. This simple an relative easy to handle MOT allows moderate trapping efficiencies.
Vapor Cells for Magneto Optical Traps


Sacher Lasertechnik Group offers high quality gas cells for magneto optical traps (MOT) manufactured by Triad Technology, Inc. All standard filling materials like Rubidium, Cesium, Potasium, etc. are available. The purity level of the natural elements used in manufacturing all vapor cells is higher than 98%. The windows are manufactured by Fused Silica. Before shipping, all vapor cells are tested to ensure the optical quality of the cell's windows and to detect any impurity that may be present in the cell. On request, we offer buffer gases like Neon, Argon, Krypton. There are two different types of MOT cells available.

Please contact us in case you are interested in complete MOT solutions. We offer complete MOT systems with Laser System, Lockbox, MOT together with a mirror set in different configurations . If you have any requirement that is not listed, please call or email us with your requirements. We also supply custom vapor and gas cells.

Setup scheme for trapping atoms

Firgure below shows the experimental setup scheme  for trapping atoms in MOTs


Window Specification Wedge Window Flat Window
Diameter 21.0mm 25.0mm
Window Angle 11°
Thickness 2.0mm 3.0mm
Surface Quality

40-60 Scratch & Dig

40-60 Scratch & Dig
Wedge Angle N/A


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