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Karrierestart für Studenten
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Hyperlock Spectroscopy Setup

Doppler Free Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy Setup for side of fringe stabilization


Absorption spectroscopy is a simple way to probe the real part of the refractive index of atomic species. This setup allows a doppler background free saturated absorption spectroscopy for different reference gases.
The Hyperlock Spectroscopy Setup is able to generate a locking error signal on a side of fringe line of an atomic reference vapor spectrum. This error signal enables to stabilize the wavelength of the emitted laser radiation in combination with the LB2001 and results in a frequency stabilized narrow linewidth of tunable laser systems.

Performance Example:

Gascells and wavelenghts
  • designed for different gascells and reference gases
  • wavelenght from 400nm - 1650nm
Gascell heating
  • vapor cell heating (optional)
  • recommended for alcali atoms with low vapor pressure (Potassium, etc.)
  • precisely prealigned
  • intuitive handling

Fiber Coupling
  • FC/APC connector (optional)

Excellent signal to noise performance
  • detects lowest laser radiation
  • adjustible differential amplification
  • selectable conversion of  photodiodes
  • portable device
High detector bandwidth
  • decector bandwidth up to 100kHz
 More DetailsType Isotope D1 D2 PriceBuy
 SOF Spectro-K (nat)Potassium Nat. Mix. 770nm 767nm REGISTERAvailability OK 
 SOF-Spectro Rb (nat)Rubidium Nat. Mix. 795nm 780nm REGISTERAvailability OK 
 SOF-Spectro Rb (85)Rubidium Rb 85 795nm 780nm REGISTERAvailability OK 
 SOF Spectro Rb (87)Rubidium Rb87 795nm 780nm REGISTERAvailability OK 
 SOF-Spectro Cs (nat)Cesium Nat. Mix. 895nm 852nm REGISTERAvailability OK 
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