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Karrierestart für Studenten
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Dr. Joachim Sacher

t.: +49 6421 305-0
f.: +49 6421 305-299

Second Harmonic Generation - Jaguar

US Patent 5,867,512 | US Patent 6,297,066 | US Patent 6,869,483 | US Patents pending


A resonant cavity including a frequency doubler crystal is pumped via a tunable diode laser. Depending on the required SHG power, the tunable diode laser is either a high power external cavity laser, or a two stage Master Oscillator Power Amplifier System. The covered wavelength regime ranges from 365nm up to 540nm.
Second Harmonic Generation - Jaguar

Spectral Coverage:

High optical power

  • up to 1000mW available, depending on wavelength
  • system suitable for Fourth Harmonic Generation into the deep UV regime
Narrow linewidth
  • linewidth < 1MHz
  • excellent side mode suppression > 50dB
Excellent cavity design
  • Bow-Tie type of resonant doubling cavity
  • Sacher Littrow or Sacher Littman/Metcalf type of master lasers
  • large mode-hop free tuning range of up to 30GHz
Locking schemes
  • Hänsch-Couillaud type of Locking of the resonant doubling cavity to the pump laser
  • pump laser can be stabilized to atomic references via Side of Fringe or Pound Drever Hall
Plug & Play configuration
  • automated piezo tuning with power read-out
  • remote control via GPIB, RS232 and USB