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Tapered Amplifier - Fiber Seeded - Serval

633nm .. 1180nm | up to 3000mW | low seed power | excellent beam profile


Semiconductor Optical Amplifier, 633nm .. 1180nm, up to 3000mW, single mode, excellent beam profile, low seed power 5mW .. 50mW, Fiber seeded version. Check our tapered diode stock list for availability.
Tapered Amplifier - Fiber Seeded - Serval
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Spectral Coverage

High optical power
  • output power up to 2500mW
  • fiber seeded tapered amplifier
  • excellent quantum efficiency
  • high fiber coupling efficiency

Tuning range

  • total tuning range up to 30nm at 780nm or 830nm

Narrow linewidth

  • linewidth depends on the master laser
  • side mode suppression depends on the master laser

High flexibility

  • compatible with any external cavity diode laser (own build or  from other manufactures)
  • free beam and fiber coupled versions available
  • constant current and constant power operation modes (optional)
  • excellent performance and user friendly alignment

Plug & Play configuration

  • remote control via GPIB, RS232 and USB

Online Stock List

  • check our tapered amplifier diode stock online


  • Spectroscopy and optical process control
  • Amplification of seed laser for THz generation
  • Optical cooling and trapping, BEC
  • Absolute distance interferometry
  • Non-linear optical processes
  • Characterizing of fiber optical systems
Optional Accessories
  • Optical Isolator
  • Single Mode PM Optical Fiber
  • High-Frequency Current Modulation
  • Contact us for more Options
Schematic Layout

 More DetailsWavelength Power Tuning (total) Tuning (fine)   
 TEC-400-0650-0250-F645-655nm 250mW >6nm (Master)     
 TEC-400-0670-0500-F665-675nm 500mW >8nm (Master)     
 TEC-400-0730-0500-F725-735nm 500mW >8nm (Master)     
 TEC-400-0770-1500-F760-775nm 1500mW >15nm (Master)     
 TEC-400-0780-1500-F770-795nm 1500mW >25nm (Master)     
 TEC-400-0780-2500-F770-785nm 2500mW >15nm (Master)     
 TEC-400-0785-1500-F770-795nm 1500mW >20nm (Master)     
 TEC-400-0810-1500-F790-810nm 1500mW >15nm (Master)     
 TEC-400-0830-1000-F820-840nm 1000mW >15nm (Master)     
 TEC-400-0850-1000-F840-860nm 1000mW >15nm (Master)     
 TEC-400-0850-2000-F840-860nm 1500mW >15nm (Master)     
 TEC-400-0870-1500-F855-880nm 1500mW >15nm (Master)     
 TEC-400-0895-2000-F880-910nm 1500mW >15nm (Master)     
 TEC-400-0915-1500-F890-940nm 1500mW >20nm (Master)     
 TEC-400-0950-1500-F940-960nm 1500mW >15nm (Master)     
 TEC-400-0960-2000-F950-970nm 2000mW >15nm (Master)     
 TEC-400-0976-2000-F970-985nm 2000mW >15nm (Master)     
 TEC-400-1030-2000-F1000-1040nm 2000mW >15nm (Master)     
 TEC-400-1060-0500-F1050-1070nm 500mW >15nm (Master)     
 TEC-400-1060-1500-F1050-1083nm 1500mW >15nm (Master)     
 TEC-400-1080-0500-F1070-1120nm 500mW >15nm (Master)     
Specification are subject to change without notice. Other wavelength are available upon request. Please contact us with your requirement.


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