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DBR Diode Lasers, Single Mode

Single Mode


DBR Lasers, 760nm .. 1083nm, single mode, narrow linewidth with good side mode suppression. Single mode emission is ensured via a Bragg grating. Check our stock list for availability.
DBR Diode Lasers, Single Mode

Distributed Bragg Reflector  (DBR):  
Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) Diode Lasers are tunable single mode diode lasers. Typical geometrical sizes of the laser chip are 1000µm x 500µm x 200µm (length x width x height). The laser chip is grown by MOVPE of compound semiconductor material. The optical gain is provided by double heterostructure which include several Quantum Wells for electronic confinement. Typcal emitter width range between 3µm and 7µm. The single mode emission is enforced by a Bragg grating with the laser chip. The surfaces of the laser chip act as cavity mirrors due to the difference of the refractive index of the laser material and the surrounding air. The rear facet of the laser chip is provided with a high reflection coating. The emission wavelength of the DBR laser is tuned by a synchronized changing the current of the Bragg and the Phase segment of the laser. Distributed Bragg Reflector (DBR) Diode Lasers are available with up to 100mW at 1063nm and 80mW at 1083nm. These diode lasers are longitudinally and spatially single mode. They can be tuned up to 100GHz mode-hop free. Please check our data sheets.

Packaging Options:
DBR Lasers are available in 9mm TO-cans, TO3 cans with an integrated thermoelectric cooler or butterfly packages with thermoelectric cooler and single mode fiber coupling. Please note that the output power is reduced to typically 20% of the nominal power for the fiber coupled butterfly versions.

 More DetailsWavelength Power Tuning (total) Mount   
 DBR-0760-020760nm 20mW 2nm TO8     
 DBR-0767-040767nm 40mW 2nm TO8     
 DBR-0767-060767nm 60mW 2nm TO8     
 DBR-0770-040770nm 40mW 2nm TO8     
 DBR-0770-060770nm 60mW 2nm TO8     
 DBR-0780-080780nm 80mW 2nm TO8     
 DBR-0780-120780nm 120mW 2nm TO8     
 DBR-0785-080785nm 80mW 2nm TO8     
 DBR-0795-080795nm 80mW 2nm TO8     
 DBR-0795-120795nm 120mW 2nm TO8     
 DBR-0852-080852nm 80mW 2nm TO8     
 DBR-0852-120852nm 80mW 2nm TO8     
 DBR-0895-080895nm 80mW 2nm TO8     
 DBR-0895-120895nm 120mW 2nm TO8     
 DBR-0976-120976nm 120mW 2nm TO8     
 DBR-0976-200976nm 200mW 2nm TO8     
 DBR-1064-1201064nm 120mW 2nm TO8     
 DBR-1064-2001064nm 200mW 2nm TO8     
 DBR-1083-1201083nm 120mW 2nm TO8     


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