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Intelligent OEM Laser System - Cheetah

Robust Industrial Grade Laser System


TEC-055 Cheetah Series Laser is a high performance, intelligent, temperature stabilized laser system for the operation of DFB diode lasers, resulting in a highly stable emission wavelength. Options are high frequency modulation, anamorphotic beam correction and single mode fiber coupler.
Intelligent OEM Laser System - Cheetah
Customized DFB and DBR Laser Wavelength Selection:

Available DFB laser wavelength ranges from 760nm to 1630nm. Due to a special manufacturing method, customized wavelength can be provided with a selection of below 2nm even for single units. Please check our most commonly requested wavelength. 

Intelligent Laser Controller:
The intelligent, low noise PilotPC laser controller changes the laser system from just a DFB laser system to an automated measuring tool for OEM customers. All functions can be operated via GPIB, USB, or RS232.

High Frequency Wavelength Modulation:
Several applications require a fast high frequency wavelength modulation. We offer a direct connection port at the laser head for a fast modulation of the DFB laser with modulation frequencies up to 100MHz . For frequency modulation requirements above 100MHz , we offer  a 7GHz bias-tee from Picosecond Pulse Labs is included within the laser head. 

OEM Capabilities:
The TEC-055 OEM laser system is a solid industrial grade laser system which is prepared to be customized for special applications. OEM and industrial system integrations are supported. Please contact us with your specific requirement. Our engineers will be pleased to discuss your application with you.

Available Wavelength:
Please check our diode laser table for commonly requested wavelength, please contact us for customized wavelength:

FP: Fabry Perot Diode Lasers: Wavelength Range: 375nm .. 514nm, 635nm .. 1710nm  
DFB: Distributed Feedback Diode Lasers: Wavelength Range: 760nm .. 2800nm  
Optical Power up to 250mW
Output Power Stability 0.1% of the Total Output Power
Beam Diameter 3.60mm, 4.32mm
or customer specific
Beam Propagation Factor M2 < 1.7
Temperature Stability 1mK
Operation Current Range up to 500mA
Current Modulation 1kHz .. 100MHz, default configuration


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