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Tunable External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser

4.5µm .. 10µm | up to 100mW | CW operation | motor tuning | patented technology


Motorized Littman / Metcalf Motorized Tunable Quantum Cascade External Cavity Laser, 4.5µm .. 10µm, up to 100mW, hands-off operation, fully remote controlled wavelength scans, large mode-hop free piezo tuning range, narrow linewidth,
Tunable External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser

Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCL) are designed for spectroscopy in the MIR spectral range. Opposite to conventional diode lasers, the optical gain is generated via an interband transition of the conduction band.

TEC 500 Cavity Layout TEC 520 Cavity Layout


  • from 4.5µm to 10µm

High optical power

  • output power up to 100mW
  • excellent quantum efficiency
  • high fiber coupling efficiency
Excellent tuning behavior
  • large mode-hop free tuning range due to patented cavity
  • fine tuning via piezo-actuator with a resolution better than 1MHz
  • precise, smooth tuning via DC motor (avoding Stepper Motor caused Mode-Hops)
  • use of in-house anti-reflection coated laser diodes
Narrow linewidth
  • linewidth < 1MHz @ 1ms
  • excellent side mode suppression > 30dB
High flexibility
  • systems with the wavelength regime of 4.5µm to 10µm are available
  • further wavelength are under development
  • free beam and fiber coupled versions available
  • constant current and constant power operation modes (optional)
  • excellent laser performance and frequency stability
Plug & Play configuration
  • automated wavelength tuning with wavelength and power read-out
  • remote control via USB, Serial Port
Applications for the new laser generation include:
  • Molecular spectroscopy
  • Optical process control
  • Non-linear optical processes
Optional Accessories
  • Optical Isolator
  • High-Frequency Current Modulation
  • Contact us for more Options
Innovative Product
  • US Patent 5,867,512
  • US Patent 6,297,066
  • US Patent 6,869,483
 More DetailsWavenumber Tuning /cm-1 Wavelength Tuning /nm   
 XQL-500-1150-1001150 cm-1 100 cm-1 8.76 µm 770 nm     
 XQL-500-1220-1001220 cm-1 100 cm-1 8.16 µm 670 nm     
 XQL-500-1370-1001370 cm-1 100 cm-1 7.29 µm 530 nm     
 XQL-500-1730-1001730 cm-1 100 cm-1 5.77 µm 340 nm     
 XQL-500-2020-1002020 cm-1 100 cm-1 4.95 µm 250nm     
 XQL-500-2140-1002140 cm-1 100 cm-1 4,67 µm 220 nm     
 XQL-500-2220-1002220 cm-1 100 cm-1 4.50 µm 210 nm     
Other wavelength are under development (Specifications are subject to change without further notice)