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Electromagnetic Induced Transparancy (EIT)

Electromagnetic Induced Transparency (EIT)

Electromagnetic Induced Transparency (EIT) in a three-level ladder-type Doppler-broadened medium, paying special attention to the case where the coupling and probe beams are counter propagating and have similar frequencies as to reduce the Doppler width of the two photon process.

The pumping laser of wavelength 775.76nm couples the upper transition from state 5P3/2, F=4 (state |2>) to state 5D5/2, F=5 (state|3>) and the probe wavelength of 780nm couples one hyperfine transition of state 5S1/2, F=3 (state|1>) to state 5P3/2, F=4 (state|2>) which is the Rubidium D2 line, Review Min Xiao et. al, Phys. Rev. A51, 576-584 (1995)  for therory and experimental setup.   



The data show the experimental results for Rubidium vapor at room temperature. The violet curve shows the Doppler broadened Rubidium D2 spectrum determined via a low power laser system as reference. The yellow curve shows the EIT signal. The position of the EIT dip can be adjusted via the wavelength of the pump laser.